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in between

In between represent the active status of the constant-changing movement in this project. 

It is not here or there, not this or that, not awake or sleep, not tomorrow or yesterday, but more like a fluid, blurry condition between two extremes. In this status, everything is possible; every thought is acceptable so that every mind is free.

In this undefined environment, the correct answer does not exist since everything is uncertain. Accidents may happen when searching the balance in between, making mistakes are encouraged cause they can arouse imaginations and creativities through the freedom of trying. However, this status can be very fragile and also hard to realise since it is easy to be interrupted by any small noise or movement. It is also not easy to go back in it once you get out.

By misusing the colour combinations, this project is trying to blurry the stereotype/ basis of aesthetics in colours.

Starting from the exploration of combining not-so-harmony colours by random and unconscious choices of yarns, my aim is to create a new way of using colours. Hence, the fixed mind can go out of the comfort zone and break the rules of "true beauties".

Year: Dec 2019

Dimensions: differ from each piece

Materials: differ from each piece

Technique: Knitting

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