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shades of Harmony

Harmony is interpreted as a fluid and blurry balance between two opposed ideas in this project.

In this blurry harmony, the primary purpose is to arouse a quiet, calm and smooth atmosphere. Organised blocs combining with floating, passive elements also illustrated the contrast between organic and geometrical construction. Void spaces are vital elements of this theme, as well as different painting/drawing techniques, which can provide emphasis on the human touch.

In nature, everything grows freely, while harmony exists in this randomness. On the other hand, in the human’s world, things are mostly structured, rigid and organised. 

Inspired by the beautiful accidents, textural samples investigate the unexpected effects that happened in the making process and interpret them into compelling, intriguing pattern collection.

螢幕快照 2019-12-11 上午12.17.38.png
螢幕快照 2019-12-11 上午12.10.28.png
螢幕快照 2019-12-11 上午12.13.05.png
螢幕快照 2019-12-11 上午12.12.34.png
螢幕快照 2019-12-11 上午12.12.19.png
螢幕快照 2019-12-11 上午12.12.04.png
螢幕快照 2019-12-11 上午12.12.47.png
螢幕快照 2019-12-11 上午12.13.19.png

Year: March 2019

Material: baking paper, polyester velvet, ink

Repeat: differ from each

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