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“ At 7:00 pm, the light of the house turned on. Through the translucent, off-white sheer curtain, I vaguely saw the movement of a blurry shadow. The person took off hat and coat, hanging them on the rack. Through small gaps between the woven structure,   I can even tell the colour of his/her sweater…. ”

This project started with observing the materials which have limited visibility, such as translucent divider, matt glass and sheer curtain. Due to the blurry shadows, people and objects behind these mediums look like performers rehearsing their next show.

The silhouettes of the bodies weren't sharp anymore but became obscure like the blooming watercolour painting, which creates a mysterious aesthetic in the environment.

To capture this ambient atmosphere, the folding structure and pattern are combined in this project, showcase the stunning movement between seen and unseen.

螢幕快照 2019-12-10 下午7.42.35.png
螢幕快照 2019-12-10 下午7.42.53.png
螢幕快照 2019-12-09 下午9.47.43.png
螢幕快照 2019-12-10 下午7.45.00.png
螢幕快照 2019-12-10 下午7.45_edited.jpg
螢幕快照 2019-12-10 下午7.45.18.png

Year: Nov 2018

Dimensions: fold 32 x 5 x d5 cm/ unfold 50 x 50 cm

Material: polyester

Technique: digital printing, pleating

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